Yarn over vs. yarn under

I was a bit surprised to discover earlier this year that there are different techniques to the simple single crochet stitch when I was researching how to crochet tighter stitches to minimize gaps. I tend to crochet on the tight side most of the time, but I sometimes find that there are small gaps in the stitching when I’m decreasing and trying to finish off a round amigurumi head. It usually happens when I work with bigger amigurumi (8+ inches height), DK or heavier weight yarn, and 3mm or larger hook size. Small gaps can be hidden by hair or a hat, but sometimes that isn’t possible. The yellow Among Us character that I’m working on does not have any accessory other than a small green sprout at the top of its head, so it is important that the stitches are tight with no noticeable gaps.

On my first attempt, I tried to finish off the head with the usual yarn over technique and I stopped midway through because I could see some small gaps forming. On my second attempt, I made sure to crochet tight, even stitches and use the invisible decrease method. However, I could still see an occasional gap and that bothered me, so on the third attempt, I tried the yarn under technique and that seemed to work pretty well (although it looks like I need to add more fiberfill stuffing which is another area that I still struggle with – how much stuffing is enough?). For more information about yarn over vs. yarn under, here is a good site that explains it well: yarn over and yarn under. I haven’t decided if I will continue with the yarn over method or switch to yarn under. Yarn over feels more natural to me and noticeable gaps in the stitches are not really a problem with smaller amigurumi, so I may end up using the yarn under method for larger projects only.

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