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More CALs and Advent Calendar freebies!

As I try my best to keep up with the CALs that I listed in my “So many CALs, so little time” post (and not doing a very good job at it, lol), I’ve discovered additional Christmas CALs and other advent calendar events this week. I wish I could just take off the whole holiday season, starting from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, and spend time on crocheting (and other crafts), baking, and shopping (online this year). I confess that I haven’t done much baking since we moved to Hawaii, since it is normally too warm to use the oven often, but I love baked goods and December – March is pretty pleasant, temperature-wise. But I digress, so back to my list!

Ricorumi Christmas CAL: This CAL started back on October 23rd and runs for eight weeks. All of the patterns are available for download during the CAL, so head on over and get the patterns that you like before it’s too late! I hope to make the arctic fox, Christmas dolly, and teddybear angel.

Advent Calendar 2020: This is an Instagram CAL and includes 24 free patterns! A new pattern is released every day, advent style, on the featured designer’s feed.

DROPS Christmas Calendar: This site is offering a daily pattern (knit or crochet) for 24 days until Christmas. I don’t know how to knit so I’m keeping my eye out for the crochet patterns.

25 Days of December Delights: This is one of the best digital scrapbooking sites that has been around for 15 years or so and it has been one of my favorite shops since 2006 or 2007. Their Holiday Advent Calendar event offers daily downloads that all together will become a complete mega kit or coupon codes to use in their shop. However, each day’s download or coupon is only available for 24 hours and then it is gone. Their Instagram feed (Sweet Shoppe Designs) shows what is offered each day and I’m totally kicking myself for forgetting about this event until today. I’m especially bummed that I missed out on the Day 2 download which was shimmery papers and floral embellishments. I definitely plan to check every day from now on!

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